About Us

Backed by a multi-generational legacy of over six decades in the business of jewellery, Arjunaa Jewellers was conceptualized to be a house of all things precious, bringing together a range of offerings from gold, silver and other precious metal, to the widest available range of coloured stones and gemstones. Placing utmost emphasis on ensuring quality without making beautiful, handcrafted luxury jewellery a mere dream to patrons,  the brand’s promise of ‘Accuracy in Design’ is an ode to a consistent strife in making sure our patrons get nothing but the best.

Offering customization where necessary to exemplary service in each in-store experience, Arjunaa – a brand born in Bangalore to young blood entrepreneurs carrying forward their family’s heritage – takes pride in being an Indian, home-grown brand with a global approach to the modern tastes in all jewellery and articles. All designs at Arjunaa are carefully crafted by skilled artisans who come from a long line of experts in their respective fields: rooted in the beauty of tradition but versatile in the functionality of each piece. 

“We want our patrons to feel like they’re coming home, when they step into the portals of the brand… everything else is consequential”, in the words of the Directors, is the notion that guides the team – from the top management to all extended partners and concessioners. Recognising the trend and need among the customers of today for light-weight jewellery that looks as splendid as it feels light, the house of Arjunaa is a home to all things innovation and all things precious under one roof. 

Well on the way to being a noticed name in the industry while also in constant touch with the pulse of our patrons, both in-store and online, our aim at Arjunaa is to bring about a slow and steady revolution in the way most people make associations to jewellery: that beautiful and luxurious does not HAVE to mean heavy and inaccessible.